who we are

We are people like you

We have lived in or around a life like yours.  We have found peace and joy.  

We are professionally trained.

Our personal and business coaches have years of education and experience that have given us the tools to help you succeed.


The Coach enters YOUR universe with you, helping you gain a new perspective on daily realities. 

Armed with this new insight, you begin to remove the dead weight and debris of all the things in your life that aren't serving you anymore. You're able to breathe again. 

You start anew, yet carrying the knowledge from time spent less productively. You're taller or shorter, and more attractive too. Ok, maybe that's overstating just a bit. But you will definitely feel a new ability to tower above your problems, and the beauty inside of you  will certainly shine through, becoming  visible on your outside.

The coached person will have the opportunity to revitalize relationships with those around them when they are not in jail. Or, if there are too many burned bridges between them and loved ones, they'll have the opportunity to make peace with the situation and move forward to claim new joys.

We're not traditional.

 Coaching IS NOT: Therapy, physical detox, residential treatment, counseling, 12-step, a buddy system or education-only, though some will likely link with  some of those tools during the process, and during life. Coaching is forward motion- designed to keep the coached person moving towards the goals that he or she defines, never content with letting him or her settle in with any excuses that keep them standing still.  

How we can help

Reach the summit


Climb out of poverty, lack, codependency and  isolation.  Find freedom now.  We can help.


What we have for you:

Life Recovery Coaching for individuals and families affected by someone else's affair with a substance, behavior or activity.

Life Recovery Coaching for the people who struggle with substances, behaviors or activities that are no good for them.

Quality Assurance Coaching for people from

Take Control and Claim Victory Now.


Think coaching is too expensive for you?  Apply for a Coaching Scholarship that pays you for each coaching session as long as you accomplish your goals.

Apply for practical financial help for an emergent household need.  This will cost you!  You'll have to leave your defeat behind and prove to yourself that you're working towards your goals an dreams.